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Aloe Camperi, or Aloe Eru (Aloe camperi Schweinf, Aloe eru Berger, Aloe abyssinica Salm-Dyck)

This type is found in the area of ​​savannas and rocky mountain slopes, as well as on the plateau in Ethiopia and Sudan. The height of this perennial plant reaches 40-50 cm. The leaves are sword-shaped, their length is up to 40-60 cm, and the width is up to 4-7 cm, they are arcuately curved, convex at the bottom, glossy, green on both sides, and their edges have strong teeth. The height of the peduncle reaches 1-2 meters, has a branched form; and the length of the brushes reaches 8-15 cm.

Regarding the flowers, so they grow to a length of 2 cm, have a yellow, orange-yellow color. This plant usually blooms in the period from April to June. This type has a wide distribution in culture, and has many forms.

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