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Aloe bines (Aloe bainesii)

The largest and tallest of all tree aloes is Bayes aloe, which grows in the region of Southeast Africa in the Cape Region, among dense shrubs and low forests on hillsides and mountains. It is a fairly well-proportioned sprouting tree with a height of 10-18 meters with a trunk thickness at the ground up to three meters in diameter.

They have smooth trunks, have a branched form. The tops of the branches form rosettes, on which grow dark green curved leaves, the length of which is up to 60-90 cm. Annually sufficiently dense brushes of beautiful flowers appear in the sockets. Only on one peduncle up to fifty such brushes are placed. Depending on their species, the flowers can be yellow, salmon-pink, red or orange.

This aloe can much like a palm tree. Such a tree grows predominantly in the area of ​​wet coastal zones, but it is also found among the dry inland areas, in the area of ​​rocky slopes, above sea level at an altitude of 2000 meters. Aloe baines is very decorative, it is advised to grow in gardens and parks. Among this breed is the presence of natural hybrids. In the culture of Europe, it is found in the early XVIII century. It is a medicinal plant.

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