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Aloe Barbados, or Present (Aloe barbadensis Mill, Aloe vera L)

Herbaceous perennial, to which the aloe present belongs, it is also called the Barbados, or aloe vera. It is the most common type. The relative homeland of aloe present is not defined today. Some authors believe that in its wild form this plant should grow in the region of the Canary Islands and Cape Verde Islands. Other people consider the area of ​​its natural growth, which is located in Northeast Africa or the Arabian Peninsula. It is a medicinal plant.

He is also considered to be a stemless plant that has numerous side shoots. Its leaves are very beautiful, narrow, jagged, almost upright, gray-green, young with white spots, very juicy leaves, leaves reach 40-50 cm long, and 6-7 cm wide, have tiny spikes along the edges. The presence of rather compact rosettes of leaves. Peduncle reaches a height of 60-90 cm, and the length of flowers is 3 cm. In an open, sunny place this species can bloom every year during the end of summer — in the autumn. Its flowers are orange or yellowish-orange tubular, collected up to two or three dozen in the apical part of the spherical racemose inflorescences.

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